Complete Compressed Air Management System


Maintaining balance in a managed compressed air system represents a significant energy & cost saving opportunity. The more complex the compressed air system, the greater the opportunity for savings!

Solutions to improve energy efficiency in compressed air systems. Sullivan Palatek’s MetaCenter Series are full feature compressor management controllers designed to connect from 4 to 12 compressors in a single compressor location. This full feature product uses advanced energy control software.

This software allows the management controller to distinguish between types of compressors (e.g. fixed speed, variable speed, piston, etc) and the HP sizes of available compressors (e.g.50HP, 100HP, etc). With this information the MetaCenter is able to follow an ‘optimal energy’ control strategy and uses the compressors minimum, maximum, optimum and minimum optimum speeds (where available) to successfully harness and optimally control compressor systems.

The MetaCenter Controller is an energy saving, multi compressor management system that will operate any manufacturer’s compressor and on compressors with analog, microprocessor, and VFD controls. It uses ‘smart technology’ to not only unite multiple compressors of different manufacture but also does so with maximum energy efficiency by choosing the most efficient combination of compressors to use at any given time and use of pressure optimization.


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Cyber Console Software

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